Friday, May 30, 2008


This is one of my favorite things in Thailand.. Lodee I can really describe it to the fullness of it's deliciousness but believe me it's amazing. It's almost like a crispy crepe with condensed milk and sugar. It is soo good. They also have the most amazing fruit here. In America I never really cared for mangos but here they are mind blowingly delicious. Sam also has found one of the most delicious drinks it is a pineapple smoothie. It is so good and the pineapple is so sweet. Another thing they have here is a banana waffle.. it's like a corn dog but instead of corn bread and hot dog, it is banana and waffle mmmmmm

Our home away from home

This is a picture of our neighbors that take such good care of us.. The mom is so sweet and an amazing women. She is so tiny but I always see her around the yard doing CRAZY manual labor.. like shoveling cement for hours and never complaining. She is also a devote vegan and very devoted to her faith. she is such an inspiration. The father is so cute. He is so little and is always cracking jokes. Run is their daughter who we hang out with pretty much every day she is 20. She is leaving to go back to her university soon and I am very sad. I am very sad.But it will help me with my Thai because she translated so me and her parents can speak. I have been working at my Thai and I know some words and key phrases it is a really hard language.

"Am I in the jungle book?"

This was a waterfall I hiked up in ballet flats (the shoe choice was not made with a knowledge of the activities of that day).By hiked I mean I have never hiked like this in my life, literally through the jungle with leeches, giant ants, crossing streams, snakes, slippery rocks... and AMAZING waterfalls. It was like a dream or something you see in movies.

Our school

These are some of the children that we teach they are soooo cute. They are really nice, respectful and helpful. The children in Thailand are so petite and little. It is a really cool experience being able to teach them a little English, though it is really frustrating at times.. It is rewarding when later in the day after you have taught them a new word they are able to recall it.

Hard boiled eggs and hot springs what more can you ask for....

This is a picture of the hot spring that I talked earlier about.... recipe for your personal taste in eggs...

Finally.... Pictures

This is a picture of a toilet paper dispenser in the mall. In Thailand bathrooms RARELY have toilet paper..( I have only been 1 one place) The toilet paper costs 1 baht which is equal to less that one cent and you have to buy it before you enter the bathroom. So if you forget to buy it... oops. Most restrooms don't have a dispenser where you can buy toilet paper, you just have to remember to bring it.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The walk of pain....

Sorry I have not posted a new post in a while we have not had Internet access. We have to walk about 20 minutes to get Internet access and usually after we teach school we are so tired. I never realized how much goes into teaching it is a lot of work. We love the kids we teach they are so cute and really nice. The children help us with our Thai and are very helpful. Today we will be teaching about clothing... This past weekend was a Buddhist holiday so we did not have school on Monday. On Sunday we walked up this mountain to a Wat in celebration of Buddha's birthday and day he received enlightenment. WOW!!! What a hike it was 17 Kilometers which is about 10 miles I think... We stared the trek at about 9 and got to the top at was really tiring.We got home at about 5:30 in the morning because traffic was so bad getting down the hill. Sorry I have not included pictures yet. Later today I will try to post some.

Sunday, May 11, 2008


We have been in Thailand for 4 days and have been so busy the whole time. But it has been a good busy. We went to this hot spring with our group and it was in the mountains. It was so beautiful with lots of cool plants that I had never seen before. The coolest part of this hot spring was that there was a separate pool were you can buy baskets of eggs and boil them in the pool. They also had a large statue of these eggs. It was just so cool because it was so different. At first I thought it was so weird but then I saw everyone eating their eggs by the pool and I thought it was cool.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Thailand " Land of Smiles"

We arrived in Thailand yesterday. The weather is sticky, the food is good and the people are nice.We found our new home we will be living in while we are teaching English. It is a little scary, almost like camping but a little better, like camping in the jungle. There are so many bugs and they are loud at night. Today we got to see the school we will be teaching at, it is very cute. Sam has a tan already and I have learned a new appreciation for sinks. We are working on our Thai which is really hard language.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Greece is incredible

Today we went to the Acropolis which is a block from our hotel. The acropolis is the center of the city and it is amazing. It was such an incredible experience to see in real life. I took so many pictures but I don't think that they do it justice. We also walked around the little shops which was really fun. The food is so good here and the people are really nice. There is one weird thing though, there are a lot of stray dogs but they all have tags and are all well fed. I think I will ask someone about it and later inform you later. I am on the hotel computer so I will have to put pictures on later.


Sorry I did not specify which hotel the picture was taken of. That was our hotel in India. Our hotel in Greece is much nicer in a nicer area as well. It is called Hotel Philloppos.

Friday, May 2, 2008

A picture from our hotel

We are heading to Greece

Due to some uncertainty in the area. Sam and I are officially heading to Greece. I am really excited to go there. They have the partheneon and acropolis.I love greek food!!! After a couple days there, we will officially be heading to Thailand. I have been praticing my Thai so... "sa`-wa`tdii" that means good-day.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sam looking really smart at Cambridge

Culture Shock!!

Officially we have arrived in India and are in our hotel. So far every part of our experience up to this point has definately been adventerous. Driving here is crazy I have never heard so much honking. There are alot of poor people just living off of the highway in shacks made out of plastic tarps, it is hard to see. I am really grateful to be an american.