Monday, October 27, 2008


I am so jealous of her crafty skills!

These candies are so cute I can't eat them!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Tater's new Toy

He really donsn't care for it much, but hey it was 88 cent. Nothing like a cold "Dog Beer" (sorry its fuzzy)


Speedy needs some love too; here he is enjoying a day out in the yard. He loves hanging around outside, I made him a small pin and next spring maybe he will get an upgrade.

Tater and his Bone

Yep it is Huge! He can't run near as fast when fetching it.

I bought Tater a ham bone at the store. Tempestt thought it would be too big for him, but I wanted to see what he would do with it. As you can see it is HUGE, but he is able to carry it. When we first gave it to him, he did not care about it at all. In the middle of the night however, he left the room (he never does that) the next morning we found his bone had been nawed on quite a bit. Later that day he didn’t want to play fetch with anything but his bone. We usually play fetch with a miniature tennis ball and I occasionally and accidentally hit him with it. So playing fetch with the bone was pretty worrisome, if I was to accidentally hit him with this bone it might have killed him!