Wednesday, April 30, 2008


We are here in England. It has been 6 days now since our arrival and we had had a wonderful time. We are partially sad to leave England tomorrow on our way to India but really excited for the rest of our trip. Tempestt favorite part of the trip was today after we have rented a car and drove almost two hours into the country to visit Mildenhall where she lived a few years. After a few scary experiences as Sam was attempting to get used to the idea of driving on the opposite side of the road we actually were able to find the house Tempestt once lived in. We later went to a nearby town of Bury St. Edmunds. Their Tempestt found a lot of familiar places in the market she remembers from her childhood. Sam’s favorite part of the trip was a toss up between visiting historic landmarks like the Tower of London or the plays we had the opportunity to see. Overall the trip was a lot of fun and we really enjoyed finding our way around.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

2 days until departure

We leave in 2 days and my stress level is pretty high. I have two more finals (math comprehensive and art history). I try to study but just find other things to do, it is stressful. Also technically I have not finished paking yet... it is so hard for me I am trying to pack as little as possible but I just love clothes and want to bring them all. AHHH! I have a ton of stuff in my suitcase I just have to weed it out.

It will grow back

So I have a new haircut and from the picture I am sure you can tell that I am a little confused by it.. I told my hairdresser to do what ever he wants and well I got this. I am not sure how I feel... well I feel uncomfortable and a little boyish. It is good for Thailand becuase all I do it blow dry it, put so gunk in it and mess it up.( It is actually fun doing my hair now) Oh also on the plus side I think it looks like Tinker Bell's haircut in "Hook" and I love Tinker Bell.

I Love My Dog

I am prefacing this blog by telling you that it is a little disturbing but represents my true love for my dog.
Tator has this unusual habit of rubbing his body in smelly things... usually the rotten walnuts that fall off of our tree. Today was a different story and smell. Sam was washing speedy's cage outside and letting speedy walk around. I came outside and what I saw was our little puppy running around with green streaks on his face. As you guessed it he had rubbed his little face in speedy's poop. Oh I love my dog even with his wierd quirks!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lisa Bearnson!!!!!

I met Lisa Bearnson yesterday! She was SOOO nice. My mother is a fan of hers and I wanted a picture with Lisa for my mom but I left my digital camera's battery at my dad's house. So I purchased a disposable camera for the occasion, so I do not have the pictures to post online yet. Anyways the experience was really great and inspired me to have courage and not be afraid to be great, like Lisa.


We have been eating asparagus lately. We have had it twice already this week. This is a new trend because asparagus was on sale. We dropped an uncooked peace on the floor the other day and Tater quickly discovered the stick like properties of the stalk and enjoyed playing with it. Yes this is boring and indeed useless information but again we refer to the title of our blog.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Tater got chipped

My little darling Tater now has a technological device jammed in his back. He is now a high-tech pup! We are now assured he will be with us FOREVER. Sam took Tater to get microchip put in his back, so if he gets lost they can get his owners information from the chip. I went to Petsmart the other day to buy Tater some food and they had dog clothes that looked like baby onesies even with the feeties. I was so tempted, but I resisted.

Packing and the frustrations

We are preparing to go to Thailand.... I am a little bit crazy and have had my bag packed since Febuary... I guess we are just really excited. We have also been packing up our house since Febuary. Randomly Sam will say "Hey Tempestt where's the...." and the items will vary from cake pan to clothing items. Sam has even had to unpack a few boxes just to get some things we need. Ooops!