Friday, February 27, 2009

New Dog

Wow it has been way too long since I have posted anything, though I feel you have not missed too much. Only two events really. One is that I am working at New York Life Insurance and I like it a lot. The other is that we have a new Dog. His name is Ralphie and he is a boxer. I went to the vet to get something checked out on our turtle and casually asked what kind of dog would be good as a companion for a Chihuahua. I asked about a boxer and the vets eyes got big and she hurried away to bring and introduce me to Ralphie one of their rescued dogs. We have had him since just before Christmas and despite a lazy eye and longer than average boxer tail we love him. He is absolutely goofy and does the funniest things. He loves to watch the traffic go by and rest his head on anything, the chair, your shoulder as you drive, tempest head, etc… My favorite picture has to be the one with him curled up in Taters bed. I am also attaching a video of the dogs playing together, Tater is working so hard and Ralphie is just standing there.

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